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About the Online Exhibition

Vulcan’s Forge and Fingal’s Cave: Volcanoes, Basalt, and the Discovery of Geological Time is an exhibition of 66 rare books and journals that was originally presented at the Linda Hall Library from October 2003 through March 2004. The exhibition was conceived and written by William B. Ashworth, Jr. (see credits for complete information on contributors).

The online exhibition duplicates the physical exhibit, with the inclusion of additional images. Navigation is staightforward. The NEXT button or link will take you through the exhibition item by item. The CONTENTS link will take you to a Table of Contents of the seventeen thematic sections of the exhibit. The INDEX link will connect you to a Bibliographic Index that lists, in alphabetical order, all the works displayed, with links to each one.

Each page loads with a small image. Clicking on the image will reload the page with a larger image. Another click restores the small image.

A printed catalog will be available in the late fall of 2004.

We hope you enjoy the tour.