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Table of Contents


I. Introduction

II. Volcanoes and Scriptural Time (exhibit items 1-2)

III. Vesuvius and Etna Awaken (exhibit items 3-5)

IV. Santorini (exhibit items 6-7)

V. The Phlegraean Fields (exhibit items 8-12)

VI. The Giant’s Causeway (exhibit items 13-18)

VII. The Auvergne Connection (exhibit items 19-22)

VIII. Basalt in Northern Italy (exhibit items 23-24)

IX. The Aeolian Islands (exhibit items 25-28)

X. Basalt Along the Rhine (exhibit items 29-32)

XI. Basalt in Saxony (exhibit items 33-37)

XII. Volcanoes Around the World (exhibit items 38-41)

XIII. Derbyshire Toadstone (exhibit items 42-46)

XIV. The Hebrides and Fingal’s Cave (exhibit items 47-52)

XV. Experiments on Whinstone (exhibit items 53-60)

XVI. The Discovery of Geological Time (exhibit items 61-64)

XVII. Epilogue (exhibit items 65-66)